Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY Seating Project

Hello, my name is Mrs. W and I am addicted to Pinterest.

Yes, it's a problem.

I find SOO many projects I want to complete the instant I repin you can see from the title of my blog, I have a budget I must follow.

Pinterest could possibly destroy our budget if I don't learn self-control.

In order to avoid any confrontations with the husband for overspending, I need to have a legitimate reason to make something I have repined.

I was able to justify this project due to the lack of seating in our apartment.  So it's okay that we were short on money for the month of January.


Moving on.  This is the original picture from Pinterest that inspired me!
I found the tutorial here and it was really helpful.

My first step was to find the perfect fabric.  I'm pretty much obsessed with burlap, so when I found cheap burlap here I knew that's what I had to use!

I bought two of these potato bags for $1.60 each and a yard of dark brown burlap for $3.45 from the same website (onlinefabricstore)
This is a picture of the seat without the bottom sewn on.  I cut the potato bags into four squares so that the writing wouldn't be too repetitive.  I like how it turned out.
After sewing together the four sides, I turned it inside out so the bottom piece could be sewn on.

When sewing on the bottom piece, you sew three of the sides and leave one open so the zipper can be sewn in.  Once the three sides are finished, sew on the zipper! 

To be honest...sewing on a zipper was intimidating.  I looked at several youtube videos to find one that made the most sense to me and found one here.
Once the zipper is sewn on, styrofoam beans would be the best thing to fill the seat up with.

Mine is actually not filled with those because I didn't have any money left to spend.  Oops.  I had some stuffing left over from another project, so I put that in along with a big pillow we had that wasn't being used.
You can find the beans here.  I'm not sure how many bags you would need...when I buy them I will let you know!
TADA!  The new addition to our living room!

It is used as a seat and even a footrest at times.  Perfect!

-Burlap bags: $1.60 X 2= $3.20
-Dark brown burlap:  $3.45
-Zipper from Hancock Fabric:  $3.00
-Two bags of the styrofoam beans: $30.00
- Indulging on a Pinterist project: Priceless

Total:  $39.65
(This price is a guess since I don't know how many bags of the styrofoam are needed)

Hope you enjoy!

Mrs. W

p.s.  Fabric has been purchased for Baby G's quilt I will be making! Not sure how long it will take me to make, but get excited because I will be writing a post about it!


  1. I love the finished product. You are truly talented--and you didn't get it from your mother! I can't wait to see the baby quilt.


  2. I like it! Nice work. And I can't wait to see the quilt- Yay!! We're painting the nursery this weekend. I'll keep you updated. :)