Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Confessions and Christmas

Okay. I have a confession. I am a blog-a-phobe.

So. I have decided to be a professional social worker, take a quick break from the papers I should be writing, and face my fears!

I should be working on all of the final papers due this week and next week...but no. I spent all last night and the night before doing crafts.


Oh well! I'm facing my fears, right? So that makes this okay.

Anyways. Back to the point. Christmas. I love it.

Mr. W and I went and bought our first Christmas tree and I had to make the rest of the apartment as adorable as that tree!
Now, you might be looking at our tree and thinking to yourself, "Wow! What amazing ornaments! I wonder where they got them?"

Well, I have an answer! Macye the professional social worker made them! :)

The first step is to find your mom's best friend who happened to collect cookie cutters...okay. Maybe you won't be as lucky as me, THANKS PATTI!

Then you go buy some adorable scrapbook paper from Michael's or Hobby Lobby or a place like that.

Trace the cookie cutter onto the paper. And here's the trick. you have to trace inside of the cookie cutter, not outside. I tried it outside and let's just say that cookie cutter ornament is hanging on the back of the tree.
After you trace it, cut it out and put the paper inside of the cookie cutter. Then you will hot glue the paper to the sides of the cookie cutter! Keep in mind, some of the paper I have cut is way too small for the cookie cutter, or shaped kind of funny, but when you hang it on the tree no one will notice at all. And...if they do notice...then they shouldn't be your friend.

Lastly I hot glued ribbon to the top and hung it on the tree!

Hope you enjoy!

Hopefully facing my fears will work and I will be back!

Mrs. W