Saturday, March 10, 2012

My 7 Favorite Things

Mr. W and I recently found out that we might be moving to Indianapolis in a few months.  If not Indianapolis, then somewhere away from the place we are living now.

I am SO excited.

Moving means we will have a different apartment or house (hopefully the latter), a new city with more things to do, and the best of all....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!

A dog.

You have no idea how excited Mr. W and I are about this.  We already have a name for our dog, a dog bowl with that name on it, and we have decided that boredom will no longer be present in our lives once we have one.  

You might think we are pathetic, but we don't care.  

The time is getting closer for us to finally have a dog.

To distract myself from my impatience over the time left until we get one, as well as my excitement over a new place to live, I have been thinking of my favorite things about our apartment.  I came up with 7.  

The 7 include things I have made and collected.  I think they make our little apartment cute and cozy.

1.  Tennis Racket Mirrors
These are probably my favorite wall decorations in our apartment.  I found a tutorial to make them here.  I bought the rackets on Etsy but couldn't afford to have mirrors cut to put in the center.  I decided I would just wait until we had the money and would hang the rackets up as decorations until then.   
Well, little did I know, a friend of mine had the rackets, got mirrors cut, glued them onto the racket strings and gave them to me as a wedding present.  I was THRILLED.

2.  The "W"
This W used to have a hideous maroon colored zebra print on it.  Obviously, no one wanted that so I found it at Marshall's on the sale table for $4.  I painted it white and mod podged colored glass to the front.  I really like how it turned out.

3.  Jar Lamp
I've been wanting to make a lamp with a bottle and Christmas lights for a long time but hadn't found the right bottle.  When I went to the Canton flea market I found this bottle for $6 and knew it would be perfect!

4.  Paper Wreath
I found the tutorial to make this wreath here.  It was fun to make and really cheap.  All I had to buy was the styrofoam wreath part.  I used a book I knew I wouldn't be reading again and a hot glue gun.  I think it would look better against a different colored wall...but...obviously it's not okay to paint apartment walls.

5.  Luggage Table
This is our new side "table".  The luggage was bought by my mother-in-law for $10 from a local flea market.  It's the perfect height for our chair and is sturdy enough to set things on.  I really like how it looks.

6.  The Wall of Finds
I'm proud of the shelves over our couch.  I hung them all by myself.  Mr. W did point out that they are crooked...but...I try to ignore that.
The shelves were bought from target with wedding gift cards and the things on the shelves are from all different places.  I made the wreath out of felt; the stacked books are from different flea markets; the frames are from flea markets and sale tables and were painted a green color; I'm not sure where I got the mason jar from, which is filled with wine corks; the little globe is from TJ MAXX (I just typed tjmaxx and it looks like a really strange word now...); and the lantern is from the Canton flea market.  I really like the look of the different things...and...Mr. W and I pray that I hung them up correctly so they don't fall on us while we are sitting on our couch.

7.  A bunch of stuff.....(I can't come up with a fancy name for this one...)
I like this little area of our apartment because of the different things I've collected.  The letters with hooks were purchased from Hobby Lobby and have been great to hang our keys on.  The scale was bought from a local flea market and the picture frame on it was a gift from a friend after Mr. W and I got engaged.  The terrarium was from Ross and has candles and some decorative balls in it (no plants yet) that were wedding gifts.  I'm proud of these things because I did not pay a lot of money for them but I think they look great!

I might complain about our little apartment, but I have come to enjoy it.  Yes, I probably will not miss it once we move, but I am proud of the things that have helped make it feel like home.

Now, I would like to propose a challenge to whoever is reading this.

I want my blog to be the best it can be.  In order to do that I need your help.

I'm not sure who reads this, but I would like to ask you to give me feedback on what you think about my blog.  I want honest negative and/or positive feedback.

Here's the great thing!  You can leave me a comment anonymously! That way you may feel more comfortable stating the negative things.

So, please accept my challenge and let me know what you think!

I hope you enjoyed the things I've showed you around our apartment and that they inspired you to do some decorating!

Maybe I will have time to work on the baby's quilt soon and will write a post about it...maybe...

Mrs. W